Rapid changes in technology, shifting demographics, and the accelerating pace of globalization have left organizations needing to respond quicker, innovate rapidly, and recover faster. A shift is occurring from hierarchical, centralized cultures towards open, self-organized, and collaborative environments. Executives navigating the accelerated pace and complexity of 21st century business environments must think differently about how to lead and serve.

Our services are geared towards business executives, key employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to build an inspiring, high performance workplace to address fast-changing market conditions, exponential growth, global expansion or transformation of customers, processes and delivery. Our overarching objective is to create adaptable and inspirational organizations where leaders have mastered the art of talent management.

"I would highly recommend Khatera to anyone looking to improve their company's work environment and employee efficiencies. She was very effective in efficiently resolving communication issues between team members."

Ardy Haerizadeh, CEO, Yucatan Foods

"Khatera brings a breath of intuitive and acquired knowledge to bear. She offers sound and astute recommendations, which clearly illustrate her insightful judgment and is direct, warm and caring in her approach. I would highly recommend Khatera."

Marc Ragsdale, CEO, Prospus

"Leadership is a heavy mantle, and even the most confident feels unsure in some situations, or frustrated that the pace of progress isn't quicker. The coaching Khatera provides me on a spot basis, resonates daily as I cope with decisions, allocations, staff, volunteer, entrepreneur and funding issues. I completely trust her and know that she will always do the right thing and advise me on how to do the right thing. I can count on her for substance, not spin."

Toni Maloney, Co-founder and CEO, Bpeace

"Khatera's broad industry experience, in-depth knowledge of the drivers of behavior, and exposure to leaders at all levels of an organization, from supervisors to C-suite executives, serve her well in understanding what defines and makes a leader. She takes this knowledge and experience and applies it in a thoughtful and insightful manner with integrity, passion, and a strong desire to serve."

Angel de la Campa, Director, Medtronic


  • Flexible and TAILORED to meet unique needs
  • RESULTS focused
  • Based on behavioral SCIENCE
  • Leverages a decade of Fortune 500 consulting EXPERIENCE

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