By Khatera Sahibzada Ph.D. 

To the dismay of anyone who has looked for a job, there is no way to get around the inevitable job interview. Interviews are an unavoidable and often unpleasant step in securing a job. According to a Harris poll, 92% of U.S. adults are anxious about job interviews. Unsurprisingly, an online search of “job interviews” generates close to 70 million results, the vast majority of which focus on how to “ace” a job interview, including a tsunami-size list covering everything from what to wear, what to ask, the type of questions to expect, do’s and don’ts. Surprisingly little is written about the person conducting the interview: the interviewer. So what do we know about the individual who holds your hiring decision in their hands? Read More…


By Khatera Sahibzada Ph.D.

This month’s entry, in honor of American Heart month, focuses on unhealthy work environments and their impact on the heart.

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